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Errors in transmission

Sometimes you have to wonder why girls and guys are meant to be partners at all. There is such a large, and difficult to bridge gap in communication styles. This has always been clear of course, but the actual differences have often alluded me. I think I'm getting a bit of a handle on it now, and despite how chauvinist this will read, most of the insights were actually offered to me by the fairer sex.

Guys say how it is. This often makes them say cruel things, or be frank, or come across as a bastard. Girls say what is gentle enough to say, and whatever doesn't quite give themselves away. They have tact and an overwhelming sense of empathy. That fundamental desire to "be nice" and to put on a brace face, means they regularly will not tell the truth.

Girls often believe guys don't communicate, or don't answer their questions, because they don't get the answers they were looking for. Here's a summary of a conversation I've had too many times recently:

Her: "Why can't we be together?"
Me: "Because I don't like you."
....some time passes...
Her: "So are you ever going to answer my question?"
Me: "What question is that?"
Her: *groan* "You never listen! Why can't we be together?".


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