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In the comfort of my home

Something I’ve been meaning to post for about 5 months:

Last night I watched an hour and a half long presentation on creating a successful startup business where the presenters were Guy Kawasaki, Lauren Elliott (Personal News Network), Reid Hoffman (LinkIn), Joe Kraus (JotSpot), Daniel Mattes (Jajah) and Alex Welch (Photobucket). I watched it in chunks and rewound sections and did so in my boxers while reclined in my home office chair. I know I should be sick of saying this, but the Internet fucking rocks. That it is even possible for me to view such a presentation, let alone for practically nothing and with bugger all effort, just blows me away. I haven’t been in Silicon Valley for a couple of years, but last night I got to know a little about the brain behind LinkedIn - the site I only discovered the night before, which has already taken a few of my latest social networking site ideas and run away with them to great success. I saw the philosophy behind JotSpot and was immersed in Joe Kraus entertaining take on the world. And now I’ve seen how the man behind the ubiquitous Photobucket explains how such a simple concept goes from seed to success.

Additionally, I’ve been reintroduced to the tremendous resource that is Guy Kawasaki’s blog.


We truly are fortunate that this sort of content is so accessible.


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