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Supporting Outbreak's calendar emails in Thunderbird

From what I've read, it seems I'm not the only one in this situation - us users of less painful email clients than Outlook (Outbreak being the delightfully childish derision) occasionally receive calendar events via email from users of the aforementioned program. Depsite not being sent as an attachment and instead appearing in the body of the email, Outlook generously provides a useful email header (Content-Type: text/calendar; method=REQUEST;) and a pleasantly open vcalendar format.

There should be nothing stopping us displaying that information in a useful way then, should there? Unfortunately of course, building a generic, simple calendaring application is no trvial matter. Mozilla is on the case with Sunbird and Lightning, but they're not ready yet. What's a Thunderbird user to do then?

It's not perfect, but here's a method that is working for me. Presently it is far too arduous and slow, but you have to start somewhere. Perhaps someone can suggest some automation?

  • Step 1: Copy, paste the contents of the email into a new text file. I named my whatever.vcf but I'm not sure if this is correct or necessary. I'm sure there's a neater way of getting the data too, rather than old school copy/paste.
  • Step 2: Sign up or login to Google Calendar (http://calendar.google.com).
  • Step 3: Click on Manage Calendars, then Import Calendar.
  • Step 4: Find your file, click okay, and bask in openness glory.
  • Step 5: Get frustrated at slow and clunky web interfaces.


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