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The Watchtower

It was with wide-eyed eagerness that I pulled the latest edition of The Watchtower "Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom" from the mailbox this afternoon. Judging from the hand written note, we have a couple of kind benefactors, who despite finding it hard to catch us at home, figure we might enjoy the positive outlook on the Earth this edition brings.

Excitedly, since the writings of the delusional are often entertaining, I flicked it open to the first story. Happily, it was a science-based article on the amazing arrangment of our solar system. It took until the second paragraph for the nonsense to start to spill out. Apparently we are fortunate to not be at the centre of the Milky Way, lest we "suffer the harmful effects of being among a dense concentration of stars". No mention is made of the paradox in this statement, given that we wouldn't be around to make it if indeed it were the case.

I persevered to the third paragraph before getting my lunatic fill. Apparently most stars are gravitationally "bound" to one or more other stars, while "our sun, by contrast, is independent". How fortunate indeed, that we happen to have a sun which is somehow impervious to the universe-wide laws of gravity. Taking the classic "humans are the centre of the universe" viewpoint, the article concludes that our solar system is stable and that that would not be the case if we "had to contend with the gravitational force of two or more suns".

Thanks, The Watchtower, for perpetuating bullshit.


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