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We're not alone

I honestly thought this was a unique quirk, and never thought to share the experience. But there's something extraordinary about discovering that others share some unusual practice you've developed.

You see, I often replay embarrassing moments from my life in my head (I have a few to choose from), and without warning, one of the words from the replayed conversation, or what I should have said, or even a "fuck" or "dickhead" will come bursting out of my mouth. And not in a whisper. Enough to shock me into consciousness and quickly look around to see if I've alarmed anyone.

It turns out I'm not alone. A lonely post on Ask Metafilter has prompted a lengthy series of comments, as people corroborate the behaviour. Although there have been some attempts at on-the-spot classification (an "oooooom" moment, or an "Audio-compunctive Ejaculation"), I'm yet to see evidence it is explicitly recognised in psychology.

My classic episode is recalling the time I was drinking with a mate that had recently been married, and thought it would be appropriate to ask him whether he knew I and his wife once "got together". Out it comes: "Dickhead!".

Or the time a friend of the girl's bed I was sleeping in walked into her room and I tried to hide under the covers: "Fuggenin!".

And that's enough of that, or I'll be twitching and blurting nonsense curses all night.


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