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Cabinet shopping

Snail mailed today:

To The Manager,

On the 1st of August, 2009, I visited your OzRobes showroom in Broadmeadow and purchased two utility cabinets and related materials for $499.24. That day I took home what I was told was all the necessary components.

Over the next two weeks I returned to the store two or three times to pick up parts that had been forgotten in the original package or to return parts that were incorrect. In the meantime I also ordered six shelves which were promised on a particular day but forgotten. The matter of the shelves has since been resolved.

Today two doors remain unavailable, despite many promises that they would be available on particular days. Every time I am told the doors will be ready on a particular day, I cancel other plans, prepare the worksite, travel to the showroom and am disappointed to discover the job has been overlooked.

I have been attended to by “Sam”, who has assured me on at least six occasions that I will be telephoned back to sort the matter out. On only one of those occasions was a return call initiated by someone at OzRobes.

On the 22nd of August, after another missed promise of a call and delivery, I entered the showroom and voiced my growing frustration to Sam. Sam noted in his computer system that I had grown “quite irate” and expressed sympathy, stating that the experience is unacceptable, the owners will now be involved, someone will lose their job over the events, and some sort of refund should be able to be organised. He then assured me, acknowledging my doubt, that I would receive a call on Monday.

Monday has now passed without any communication and I have no faith remaining in the service of the store.

This morning I have been unable to find an alternate provider that could match the doors. If OzRobes is unable to resolve the matter by this weekend, I will engage my financial institution’s fraud control centre on Tuesday the 1st of September to cancel the original credit card transaction and ask that you honour the cancellation as failing to provide the goods paid for. The separate transaction for the shelves may remain. Obviously this scenario leaves me with partially installed cabinets, many wasted hours and a very disappointing experience, and is therefore highly undesirable but I see no alternative.

Heath Raftery


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